THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions
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The Jace-Kelly Leadership Acquisitions is an executive recruitment firm based in Shanghai, China. Since its foundation in 2008 TJK has worked with and forged partnerships with some of the worlds most renowned MNCs, who have wished to expand and develop their operations in China. TJK strives to bring in the top talent to its clients, in order for them to reach imminent success.

With the RIGHT PEOPLE...but it does not stop there.

THE JACE-KELLY is built with style and a goal in mind. We have developed a culture of learning, an environment that encourages people to interact and contribute to one another. The firm is composed of people who grow as a TEAM and individually.

We see this opportunity as a way to offer you a career and not a job, a career that challenges your present potential. Ever wonder why you lost some cases? Do you receive feedbacks and trainings about what you are doing wrong? Aspire to be GREAT and we’ll support you by giving you the proper resources to succeed.

Your main responsibility is to deliver an excellent and surpassing service to the clients catering to their unique and specific requirements and needs, including but not limited to:

-  Executing headhunting projects;
-  Managing and developing client relationships; and
-  Training junior headhunters

You are responsible for managing and organizing your own tasks and workload. Remember that you are expected to deliver results. You are to contribute to the further success of the company with present clients, at the same time to be able to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

We have also developed a culture wherein every individual is a contributor. We learn everyday professionally and personally. You will als